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A Cut Above the Rest

Typically used for tractor-drawn industrial and agricultural mowers, rotary cutter blades need to be able to stand the test of time. To accomplish this, the quality of Haven Steel’s rotary cutter blades is, and always has been, unequaled in our field.


Crafted with a forged steel cutting edge, each blade is strong, durable and long-lasting. Forging is the top metalworking process to ensure a product that is structurally sound, safe, and performs optimally during each use.


Haven Steel produces industrial rotary cutter blades for original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket applications in a variety of material sizes and is dedicated to supplying the highest-quality products that perform use after use.

Why buy a Haven Steel rotary mower blade with a forged steel cutting edge?

  • We believe the structural reliability in a forging is unexcelled by any other metalworking process.
  • Maximum strength is achieved by grain refinement.
  • Best wear characteristics by leaving base material intact.

For more information concerning our broad range of professional-grade rotary cutters, or to schedule your personalized consultation with us, please call us at 620-465-2573.

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