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Forging Industry-Leading Steel

Haven Steel is the source for all your forging needs. Using the most-effective processes, machinery and materials, the company forges the highest-quality, most-durable and longest-lasting products.

Forging Capabilities

With forging presses from 700 to 1,000 tons, even the largest projects are no problem, and instrument-controlled gas-fired furnaces and induction heating ensure product consistency and dimensional quality. Haven Steel also can forge a broad range of bar sizes and has the capabilities for hot punching, piercing, shearing, trimming, and heat-treating.

Haven Steel uses steel bar, steel alloy and fabrication alloy hot forging because the well-established process produces the strongest, safest and longest-lasting products.


The Benefits of Forging

Forging reduces internal defects that can lead to product failure, and the structural reliability of steel bar and alloy means fewer inspection demands, uniform heat treatment response and consistent machinability. The means products are produced faster and at a lower cost for consumers, just like you.


For more information concerning our top-quality forgings, or to schedule your personalized consultation with us, please call us at 620-465-2573.

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