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Powder Coatings That Last for Life

Haven Steel's state-of-the-art powder coating process ensures each part receives an attractive, durable and long-lasting finish.


The Powder Coating Process

After processing, parts enter an automated and environmentally-friendly powder coating line, which includes eight automatic guns and two manual stations. Operating as a monorail, pieces are moved into an infrared oven after receiving a coat of paint. The parts then enter a convection oven and finally a cooling chamber to set the finish.


Our Commitment to Quality

Haven Steel is dedicated to providing customers with the highest-quality products, and its powder coating line was recently upgraded as part of an extensive manufacturing plant expansion. As always, customers can rely on Haven Steel to supply parts with a high-quality, tough, long-lasting finish that looks great, too.


For more information concerning our ultra-durable powder coatings, or to schedule your personalized consultation with us, please call us at 620-465-2573.

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